a. Exercise is fine... just not at a gym. 
b. Just the thought of exercise makes me hurt!
c. I don't want to get hurt.
d. Free time is for my family and friends.
e. I don't have time!
f. Exercise is way too hard.
g. I need to get in shape before I can go.
H. That's just for young people!
I. Why would I want to exercise?
Not getting enough exercise?  Why not?!
Longevity Wellness Center
is permanently closed.
If you are interested in reaching us contact us at

Virtual Classes during Pandemic!

During this crisis, we are closed, but are offering the opportunity for you to join or continue our yoga and qigong classes from the comfort and safety of your own home through a closed Facebook group.  For one set fee, you will access all of the normally offered gentle yoga, qigong and chair yoga classes we offer each week, plus some bonus classes to get you through!

To join, you will need to have an active Facebook account. Payment for participation can be made through our online store by clicking the link below.


Once you have paid you will need to activate your account by taking the following steps:

    1) Type Longevity Wellness Center Members Only in the    

         Facebook search bar.

    2) Hit Join Group.

We will then add you to the group and you will have access to our LIVE (and later available as recorded) yoga and qigong classes, which will be unlimited for $100 per month.  You can start anytime! 

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