What you get at the average gym...


1) An orientation, which usually is an hour-long session with a staff m


Longevity Wellness Center

isn't looking to be a typical gym. 


In fact, we fully intend NOT to be one.




Sorry, but we're just not into being a place where only 20% of our guests are happy! ;-)


         In 2017...


80% of Americans STILL do NOT exercise.





In 1995...


80% of Americans did not exercise.


With all the healthy lifestyle initiatives, why haven't the statistics changed?

Gyms today continue to be dominated by individuals who have been exercising for the better part of their lives.   While new exercisers arrive on the scene every year, LITTLE is done to help them get started. 




  Do They Really Wonder

Why People Hate the Gym?!



You arrive at the gym for your pre-arranged tour and a salesperson meets you in the lobby. After walking through the facility, you ignore your instincts and sign up for membership.  After all, your financial investment will motivate you to exercise regularly, and your journey will begin. You sign your life away, hand over your credit card, and the next thing you know, you are an official gym member.


Unfortunately, you don't know the first thing about exercise, so you sign up for an orientation with a muscular guy named Sven, who promises to spend an hour going over how each machine works and answering any questions that you have.  After spending an hour with Sven, you realize exactly how much is involved with exercising, how much you really don't know, and are a little overwhelmed.  On top of that you find out that he actually has only given you a "basic exercise program" and in order to have a program tailoring to your needs, you will need to sign up for some personal training sessions, which are not included in your membership.  Naturally, paying more money was NOT in the plan.  After tactfully refusing Sven's sales pitch, you decide to attempt your program on your own. 


You arrive the next day with the chart Sven made for you with the mindset that it couldn't be as bad as it seemed. However, when you walk over to the first machine, reality hits and you stand there trying to remember where to set your seat,  your weight, and how to perform the exercise.  Feeling stupid, you sit down on the machine and desperately try to remember what to do.  Luckily, the equipment has a picture showing how to complete the movement.


On your first attempt to lift the weight, you realize right away that it is way too heavy but forget how to reset the weight.  You finally figure it out but realize you still don't know how much weight you should use.  As you fumble around, you notice several people glaring your way and realize they are waiting to use the machine.  Embarrassed, you apologize for taking so long and say you are done.




Why do most New Exercisers quickly regain their status as Non-Exercisers? 

  • One trip around the workout floor isn't enough to ensure your safety or competence in performing exercises. Therefore, take advantage of as much instruction as you have available to you.

  • If you have any chronic health challenges, your situation will NOT be addressed in a basic gym orientation.  If you do not perform exercises in an appropriate way, it is possible you will make your situation worse. Again, instruction can be very helpful in keeping safe.

  • As a new exerciser, you need to be challenged appropriately but not excessively.  While some physical discomfort is normal after your first exercise experience, it is easy to become overzealous, especially if you associate the words "gym" and "agony".  Your instructor will instruct you to limit your level of exertion so that you can ease into exercise rather than making yourself so uncomfortable that do not want to return.

  • Exercising until you drop was an accepted norm years ago, but now we know better. Make sure you exercise in a way that makes you feel invigorated and alive.  Just get moving, but don't force yourself to be miserable.  Remember, it isn't supposed to be a punishment!

What Makes Longevity Wellness Center Different?

1. There is no circuit or machines for you to navigate on your own Every workout is guided from start to finish. If you need assistance, it is immediately available to you, so there is no guesswork.



2. We have programs for everyone regardless of size, age, or fitness level.  You will find yourself at home whether you are normally 100% sedentary or you have been exercising for years. EVERYONE has the right to be active  at their own level.  And no matter what your ability level or fitness level, you are welcome to participate. We love everyone the same!



3.  Longevity's classes are very senior-friendly including chair yoga, gentle yoga and qigong.  Since seniors have specific physical challenges, working with a yoga teacher specializing in Senior Yoga classes can bring greater benefit to students needing extra attention, rather than trying to fit in a class designed for the general population. 


4. Our classes can be attended whether you are just out of physical therapy or ready for a more vigorous routine.  At our center, it is common to see some individuals working out vigorously, while others are taking it easy. Our qigong class can be done from a chair if needed.  You are always welcome to make the modifications you need to workout at your own level.


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