Class Descriptions

These class descriptions include some classes currently offered and some classes that will be offered in the future.  If you have a particular interest in any classes not offered at this time, please send us an email and let us know!


Mind-Body Exercise

Qigong is mind-body exercise, based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Focused on maintaining and restoring the body’s internal balance, this hour-long class, this program will put your body on the road to restoration, reawaken basic functions that might be dormant, and stimulate all systems in the body.  This class can be done seated or standing. This class is now REGISTRATION ONLY.  Drop-ins are NOT available.


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a beginner yoga class for individuals who may be new to yoga and new to exercise, but able to stand confidently for periods of time up to 10 minutes.  Transitions from seated to standing will take place several times during this class.  This class will combine basic movement with yoga postures, balance practice, mindfulness, deep breathing, and relaxation.  Students will never be asked to sit or lie on the floor.  If seated, they will be seated in the chair.   You will leave feeling rested, yet energized.

Gentle Yoga


Gentle Yoga is a yoga class for new or experienced students who are looking to be challenged, but are still being cautious since they may be dealing with chronic physical issues, including stiffness, arthritis, back problems, specific joint problems, fibromyalgia, balance problems or other issues that might challenge their ability to transition frequently from standing postures to postures seated on the floor.  While this class will begin and end on the floor, students will be asked to stand for a significant portion of the class.  This practice will address common chronic physical issues, such as tightness in the hips, knees, shoulders, and neck, as well as weakness in the low back.  Participants who are very tight but have yoga experience or are physically fit are welcome to attend this class using a chair as a prop to help avoid discomfort. Note: This class is currently not available as a drop-in; it is REGISTRATION ONLY. If you are interested in joining our current session late, please call or email us to inquire. (314)714-4482 or email  Our current session started Thursday, November 2 and will run through Thursday, December 21. No class will be held on Thanksgiving.

Fitness Classes


Indorow is a studio rowing class, utilizing water rowers.  Set to music, this class is action-packed, focusing on the muscles that are forgotten in most cardio workout regimens--the gluteal and hamstring muscles.  Welcoming to all levels, this workout releases tight hip flexors and quads, while strengthening and stretching the low back and abdominal muscles.  Participants use 80% of their body's muscles, which leads to calorie burn unmatched by other group classes.  Best of all, it is low impact and can provide an appropriate workout for individuals with joint discomfort and challenges.

Rowing Circuit

Rowing Circuit is our studio's interval class that integrates rowing with weight training.  You will start with some rowing and then perform intervals of weight training exercises working all major muscle groups in the body in just an hour!

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