It's here...St. Louis's first indoor rowing studio!   Indorow is a group exercise class described as "the ultimate calorie burn." Using 80% of the muscles, Indorow is enjoyable and accessible to all populations, including individuals with lower extremity joint challenges. Students with chronic knee pain, as well as those describing their knees as "bone-on-bone" (with little to no cartilage) have been able to row pain-free.  This class is also very forgiving to individuals who are carrying extra weight. 





Rowing targets the low back, hamstrings and gluteal muscles, which are typically undertrained by individuals with a relatively sedentary lifestyle.  This program also rounds out most gym routines, which typically lead to muscle imbalance as the result of excessive use of the quadriceps and hip flexors caused by frequent squatting, lunging, running, walking, elliptical training, cycling, etc.  By focusing more attention to the muscles located at the back side of the body, students can achieve greater gains in muscular strength and endurance.   

Currently we offer 3 rowing classes each week and are planning to offer more as our studio grows.  The Indorow class, offered on Saturdays is pure rowing, whereas we also offer a Rowing Circuit class, which allows periods of rest from rowing, during which time weight training exercises are performed.  If you are concerned that your cardiovascular endurance is not yet very advanced, consider a Rowing Circuit class, which allows a break from Cardio exercises and still packs in some great strength work.

The current times of classes are: 


-Rowing Circuit: Wednesdays at 9:30am and Thursdays at 6:30pm

-Indorow: Saturdays at 10:30am

Private classes for your group are available.  

Please email us to inquire!

What People are Saying about our rowing classes:

I am currently taking Saturday morning rowing and loving it.  The class is challenging and somewhat competitive, if you want it to be.  Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level, but also to challenge themselves if they choose.  I surprise myself with what I have been able to do. I enjoy the camaraderie of the class.  I have benefited physically from this class, after having suffered a broken hip at an advanced age.  Rowing has helped with rebuilding strength in my leg and hip, while at the same time, working my core.  I highly recommend this class to people of all ages and abilities.  It has been a real pleasure working with and learning from Christi what I am able to do at any age. 

Sally P., Ballwin, MO

I have been attending Christi's rowing class twice a week for almost a year, and though I have been fairly athletic my whole life, I have never been in better overall condition.  I have better flexibility, my cardio endurance is stronger, and all of my numbers within my blood work and overall health have either stayed steady or improved. I highly recommend it!

Jason S., Webster Groves, MO

I have been participating in Longevity Classes with Christi for most of 2017.  I am in the indoor rowing class on Thursday and Saturday.  I have lost 20 pounds.  My resting heart is now 47.  My cardio stamina, flexibility and muscle mass have all increased. 

Best of all, indoor rowing is fun.  This isn’t rowing at the gym—it’s a whole different level of exercise.  Christi is a great instructor and the other rowers make the hour enjoyable while competitive (in a friendly way).  You will burn more calories than any hour you would ever spend at the gym, and have fun doing it.

Mark J., Kirkwood

I love the indoor rowing classes at Longevity! I get easily bored by most exercise classes but the rowing class at Longevity Wellness is rad because Christi keeps us engaged by constantly switching it up and implementing competition rounds - pressure and shame-free! The group of people in class is always a solid, friendly, and supportive crew. I often feel sluggish in the morning on my way to class, but I always, without fail, feel energized and ready to take on the world after a class with Christi and friends.

Lisa I., St. Louis, MO

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