I joined Christi's yoga practice a year ago and loved it immediately. She has a talent for evaluating the various skill levels in the group; she then leads us with easy to follow verbal and visual instructions including alternate

Christi, with her warm smile and gentle, yet encouraging way brings an exuberance to her classes that makes you want to exercise.  She has

a keen eye for the human

anatomy and can spot and

therefore help to correct problem areas.  Her caring

and encouragement

Inspiring Testimonials

I had suffered from sciatica pain for months.  I went to the chiropractor, acupuncturist, and physical therapist but with minimal success.  I had a medical tests done which showed that I had arthritis in my lower spine.   I asked Christi whether she had any suggestions.   She told me that I should sit on a tennis ball or preferably a hard rubber ball for a minute or so at a time, hitting the tender points. Within a day or so the pain was measurably less and in a few days, I was free from the pain. She recommended also some exercises that I could do to strengthen my inner thighs.  I am truly grateful to Christi for the advice that she gave me.


-A.C.G., St. Louis, MO

Yoga is the most wonderful, grounding, peaceful, gift I could have given myself.  Christi was one of my teachers, and she is very mindful and good at her craft.  I too am a yoga teacher and love it!


-Anita P., St. Louis, MO

provide a “safe place” to grow and improve.  Let’s face it-we all need improvement somewhere! And Christi will help you face your challenges and achieve your personal goals.


-Patti O., Town & Country, MO

poses so each individual has a skill-appropriate practice.  My

balance and strength improved quickly, continues to improve, and I believe my mental strength is improved too. Yoga sessions with Christi are a highpoint in my week.


-Tricia F., Webster Groves, MO

Chair yoga gave me release from worldly mindlessness, sore muscles, and mediocre balance! Thank you, Christi, for the wonderful experiences.

-Mary M., St. Louis, MO

Christi's water aerobics and yoga classes are each well-designed to stimulate all parts of my body with challenging exercises.  The classes are fun and fast-moving experiences.


-Shirley L., Wildwood, MO

I have been taking yoga and Pilates from Christi for 2 years.   As a fitness instructor for almost 35 years, I value her unique knowledge of the body.  She notices and cares where

 each of her students need special help.  Each of her classes is taught differently, so we are always working on the troublesome issues (that we all have).  She has also taught me the value of breathing deeply and concentrating on the area we are working.  I am truly glad to have Christi in my life!  



-Teddy G, St Louis, MO

I love chair yoga with Christi. As my body gets older and stiffer I find the yoga helps me stay active. It has improved my flexibility, balance and relieves my stress. Christi's classes are always friendly and she accommodates everyone's individual needs. Most importantly Christi is a wonderful caring person.


-Joan E., Ballwin, MO

Yoga has always been a calming and relaxing practice.  As a senior I now appreciate even more the flexibility and balance it helps me maintain.  I must say, a good teacher like Christi is an important element.


-Joann S., Webster Groves, MO


I started taking Yoga with Christi about 1 1/2 years ago under pressure from a new found friend.  Best move I ever made.  I knew I needed to do something with myself.  After about

Christi teaches in a very calming and relaxing way.  The class just flows.  She truly knows the body. She  is always very helpful, sharing her knowledge, answering all questions and explaining afferent positions to deal with different challenges that our bodies throw our way.


The students and instructor share a bond with each other and strive for wellness at all levels.  Come give Christi a try and see for yourself!


-Linda H., St. Louis, MO



three visits, I started enjoying acquiring an understanding of the practice.  Slowly I realized I had become stronger and more flexible.




I was never one who thought that yoga was all that others have said that it was.  But once I started I became a believer.  My back misses when we do not have classes.


-Michael O., St. Louis, MO

Your workout has been good for my body using many muscles that had become lazy. You made me realize that I didn't have to be perfect with each move. With your smile and little jokes you made the time go quickly.


-Joyce M., Ballwin, MO

Like most students, I was required to take two credits of PE at some point during my education at St. Louis Community College. Originally I had planned to take my PE courses in my last year but traumatic events happening at the end of my previous semester had me in desperate need of healing and I was determined to seek out as much as I could. (I was a victim of crime.)

Starting the school year with PTSD wasn't the greatest idea but I was determined to move on.  I hope no one noticed but beginning the class I was very emotionally vulnerable and timid.  I wanted to go to yoga but was extremely uncomfortable in every way.  I'm not very outspoken by nature, but there was an intense fear of people residing in me that was affecting me physically; tension had piled up around my neck from constant anxiety.  Mentally, I was a mess.  I feared stillness, to be alone with my thoughts was the worst thing I could be faced with and at the end of class I had to lie in corpse pose and let all of the emotional turmoil surface.

Regardless of this discomfort in class, I was inspired to perfect my postures.  The empowerment alone I felt from accomplishing these little goals was very uplifting.  I feel more physically fit than I have in a long time and am more conscious of my physical well-being.  

It is one thing to understand the "what" in life and another to understand your reactions to it.  Yoga has helped me zero-in on my concentration and further my awareness.  When this trauma happened to me I found myself very closed-off and rejecting of my unstable self.  Each day, I'd grow more accepting and inviting of the present, whatever it held.  Thank you for your guidance in this class.  I feel I have the structure to take this outside and practice on my own (I already do!).   I can safely say I don't cry at the end of class anymore and even if I do, it's OK because I now know it's just another step towards growth.



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