YOGA Classes

Currently, 3 weekly yoga classes are being offered per week online.  Sign-up online for our virtual classes through Facebook LIVE and take part.  We hope to find a place to offer LIVE classes once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.   

What People are Saying about our Yoga Classes:

I have been attending Longevity Wellness Center for 4 months now and I’m taking her gentle yoga class. I absolutely love it. The biggest change I have noticed is in my breathing. I had always struggled with breathing properly while doing yoga, but in this

class, Christi teaches you to focus your breathing on the correct parts of the body as you do the movements. When the hour is up you walk away feeling refreshed and invigorated. For the first time in my life my yoga class is a priority.

Michelle H., St. Louis, MO

As I practice yoga I am becoming more flexible.  Since I have had both back and neck surgery more flexibility has improved the quality of my life. Yoga with Christi meets a variety of needs and incorporates many different postures.  She is always positive and very helpful. I will continue yoga and look for more improvement , even at the age of 74.


-Barb S., Chesterfield, MO

I'm glad I can do chair yoga, as I can't get down on the floor.  I enjoy Christi's chair yoga classes very much, and think they've already helped me with balance. 


-Gloria E., St. Louis, MO

I have taken yoga from a number of teachers over the years and Christi is the very best.  I have fibromyalgia and notice that I tighten my body and clench my jaw when exercising and really just any time.  Christi reminds me to relax my body when exercising.  She talks us

through each pose and tells us where to breathe, what to move and to relax parts of our body.  Also, I used to have a much stiffer neck.  Looking around when driving has become much easier as we do a lot of work on our necks.  These techniques have carried over to my life outside of yoga.  I will take yoga with Christi as long as she is teaching it.


-Sandy L., St. Louis, MO

Taking yoga classes with Christi Gleason has greatly improved my flexibility, balance, and sense of well-being. Christi is simply the most knowledgable and creative yoga teacher I have ever studied with.  She has a background in exercise science, and brings a sound physical basis to her teaching.  She approaches her classes with insight and skill.   Her classes are fun as well as worthwhile.  I recommend her with enthusiasm!


-Karen G., Central West End, MO

This class sustains me.  The practice provides strength, balance and flexibility in a gentle way that is soothing and refreshing.  Christi ensures that everyone respects their limitations, and makes every effort to ensure a safe, comfortable experience. Her pleasant, positive attitude adds to

the energy of the class; we are left feeling truly relaxed and renewed!


-Sharyn K., St Louis, MO

Christi is an excellent chair yoga instructor. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology are a huge benefit for those who can't exercise on the floor. Weekly stretching and balance exercises keep us limber and confident in our daily life.           


-Ina L. ,  Chesterfield, MO

I came to Christi Gleason’s classes at my wife’s suggestion.  I am retired; was not getting any exercise because of arthritis, peripheral neuropathy.  I was then, and still am an insulin dependent diabetic on an insulin pump.


From the two years that I have been in her classes: my A1C numbers have DECLINED from 10.9 to 7.6.  Dr. Charles Harris, M.D., an endocrinologist at John Cochran VA Hospital told me this past week (12/8/2014).  This is excellent progress to reduce this medical statistic.  It is very hard to reduce it, but 3.1 points is unusual as well as remarkable.  I attribute this to Chair Yoga as part of a purposeful effort to reduce my A1C.  Chair Yoga improved my flexibility, & my stamina.  I did this with an effort at changing my diet.   I feel better and am doing better.  My blood pressure has improved some also.


Christi is attentive to seniors' physical limits, and issues, and she coached me, and others, to modify our exercises.  We were not on the floor but in, near, and using chairs for support.  Classes were 1 hour long, meeting once a week. I attended nearly every session.  I will and plan on enrolling and being a regular client.   I encourage others like me, and those who are unlike me, to do the same.  Give it an honest try for six weeks and you will be better for it.


-Gene H., Affton, MO

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